Friday, May 28, 2010

Nine-Patch Triumph Dress

I went through a lot of adjectives for this dress... redemptive... victorious... reclaimed... restored... repurposed... In the end I rest with triumph because it represents a triumph over doubt and despair.

Fairy tales inspire curtseys!

Each nine-patch block was hand constructed of rotary cut five-inch squares, and each block represented particular memories about a particular person. The original plan was to create a bedspread-sized quilt from all these memory blocks, but unexpectedly, plans changed.

Back detail

Instead of destroying my work, I decided to take the cacophony of colors and patterns and construct a cheery, wacky sundress akin to this one. I used the same tutorial but modified the straps and simply folded over some blocks for the chest piece, then ran encased elastic around the waist (someone help me with the technical sewing terms for this, please!)

Side view and gun show--no charge! ;-)

I need to hem it a couple of inches at least. These pictures show it at an awkward length. Just above the knee will work better for my petite frame, playful demeanor and VIM and YOUTHFUL VIGOR! [singing] All the single ladies (all the single ladies!)

Made my list of to-do's for the summer... three and a half days, but who's counting. God, I love being a teacher!


Tess said...

Fabulous dress and I followed the tutorial links all the way back to Sew Mamma Sew. Great tutorial for the simple nighty. I like the one you made best of all. I like the wider straps as I have to wear a bra. Did you line it somehow, to hide the 9 block stitches?

Atypical Girl said...

I love your dress! You did such an amazing job on it!

MissMary said...

Thanks for the love! :-) I didn't line the dress, wanted to keep it as cool and summery as possible (I'm from the South, after all!), but the chest piece is two layers thick--I stitched together three blocks for the length then folded them over for the width and topstitched. It will be interesting to see what my handstitched seams do in the wash... :-)

Linda B said...

This is really cute. I'd like to try something like this, but I am not petite and young or single. Will age and vim and vigor work? I will have to make my nine patches quite a bit smaller so as not to make my butt look too big.