Friday, May 14, 2010

Callouses and Completed Blocks

If I were left-handed, the hand sewing callouses I've developed would also be useful for guitar-playing! My superior pincer grasp is getting quite a workout.

Those 52 tree blocks (pictured here) I had to piece together are coming along quite* quickly. I'm left with just under a dozen to complete!

The above photo was taken under compact fluorescent light sometime before midnight. Let me take a moment to say how such garish light does no one any favors...

Nine-patch blocks pieced and cut/awaiting piecing as seen from the light of a cloud-veiled sunrise. Hello glorious red, clear-eyed blues and creamy gold! So nice to see you!

My nine-patch began with 5-inch squares. Each block is 13.5 inches. In a rough sketch I figured on a full-sized quilt six blocks wide and seven blocks long. So far I have seven pieced and four more cut. I spent a few minutes setting scraps of solids on fire and examining ashes to be sure I didn't have any poly-cottons in the mix. Not only was this delightfully satisfying, it also put those sweet callouses to an affirming test! Thank you, brilliant callouses, for allowing me to pick up smoldering cotton threads with my bare hands!

I am very excited about my nine-patch. It has more meaning than any quilt I've yet worked on, and unlike the others, I'm choosing fabrics as I go along. Maybe when it's all done, I can caption the meanings in the border. The unifying element is black/white, so a white border with black captions would be appropriate... Hmm... How did I come to be so delighted by musing on quilts? :-)

*Last night the young man and I were privy to an 8th grade production of The Importance of Being Ernest. Fan-flippin-tabulous! I blame them for any anachronistic diction. :-)

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