Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wedding-Minded (Giveaway!)

So the plan is to have a good section of my cathedral window quilt finished in time to be the chuppah at my wedding, then pin it to poles and have my two best girlfriends and the groom's two best guy friends holding the poles for the ceremony.

Great idea, right? Even though I'm not engaged?

This is the section I want completed for that occasion. This is what I've been spending a lot of time on. Well, this and...


...helping my best friend prepare for HER wedding! A week ago she wasn't even dating him, but within a few short days she and her best male friend have decided to tie the knot! We went dress shopping yesterday and found it! (White it is not, but the color of her vibrant life it most certainly is! We artists tend to come in flocks, after all.) The date is set for early May, but a good old-fashioned elopement has been considered as well.

And now to the giveaway. I'd begun working on a sort of wedding quilt for her before Christmas. At the time there was a different groom in mind, a friend from past seasons of life. The idea I worked with consisted of tubes of fabric scrunched into circles and flowers and tacked together, about 100 in all.

I want to give all that away.

Consider it a sort of scrap bag. Use the circles or flowers as they are or snip 'em apart for other projects. I don't care. I just figured someone would want them more than I want to add them to a landfill. :-)


Leave a comment on this post by April 10, 2010, and I'll pick a number from Make sure you have an active email address so I can email you and get your address.

That's it.

If you're wondering what to comment about, feel free to leave some marriage advice you live by. Or not. Whatever. I just want this stuff gone :-)



Atypical Girl said...

Beautiful quilt. :) You're so very talented, m'dear!

Cat said...

Your cathedral window quilt is gorgeous! I love the trasformation from dark to light!