Friday, March 19, 2010

Lillian's Stitches

Her name was Lillian Catherine. Her mother was Cherokee, her father was English. She lived around the Tennessee/Virginia line.

Her daughter was Frances Uneva. Frances named her third daughter Catherine.

Catherine (called Suzi) named her daughter Mary. Yesterday, with the help of her friend, Mary hung Lillian's quilt on her wall and let her eyes spin over the flowers and stars, marveling. E. L. Konigsburg says it is unwise to learn something new every day. There are days when one ought to learn nothing new but rather let all one knows well up inside of them. Such are these spring days! They say Maries (plural of Mary?) store up things and ponder them in their hearts. Though my ponderings are not written here, they are peaceful and happy, and I hope yours are just as pleasant!

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free indeed said...

I have a special quilt of my grandmother's. It doesn't date back as far as your lovely star flowers, but I love that quilt for the connection it gives me to my distant past. I hang it in our farmhouse kitchen for all to see. I know that if there's a fire, that quilt is the one thing I want to save first (materially speaking of course). Not even my family's pictures are as important to me. This grandmother died when I was 7 and lived so far away (she was in Ohio, I was in Maine), that I only have one shadowy memory of her. People tell me I resemble her...wish I knew more about her and her past...