Sunday, February 28, 2010

Repurposed Tee 2

Another Christian* tee rescued from a long, tiresome life gathering Goodwill's dust now an experimental slice-and-dice scarf! It used to read, "Stop, Drop, and Roll Doesn't Work in Hell!" Now it provides just enough pop to reference Hugo or Pamplona!

*Please understand that my delight in desecrating Christian tees is based in their tendency to present God as, at best, the Judge and at worst, the disappointed Father whose standards you can never meet. That sentiment is so anti-Jesus it makes me ill, it's so far from the Steve-Urkel-for-Laura-Winslow love He has for us. Please let me transform something that promotes lies about my Beloved and turn it into something to grace His beauty (me! Or you!) :-) Capiche?

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