Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Pink Stripes and Polka Dots Kind of Day

It's bound to be a good day when you're wearing a white skirt in winter, polka-dot tights and pink hoodie stripes. AND the day did not disappoint!

... So I'm driving to work this morning and looking down a side road when I see one of my most favorite musicians sitting at the stoplight. GLORY! And, thanks to the wonders of facebook fandom, I now know where he was going... drumroll, please... TO THE STUDIO!!! TO RECORD MORE MUSIC!!! HOORAY!!!

Meanwhile I have discovered that one of my roommates intended a pile of dogmatic Christian t-shirts for Goodwill. Thinking broadly, I rescued them from a long, sad life gathering dust on a thrift store hanger and began attacking them with my scissors a lá this book (thank you, dear brother, for your introduction that Christmas). I'm thinking something slim and stringy for summer, maybe even--gasp!--sexy? You know how we roll here... packing a trousseau and saving it for the honeymoon. :-)

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