Thursday, February 25, 2010

OWOH Winnings, Part 1

This week and last I began receiving gifts won from the One World, One Heart giveaways. All told, I won five giveaways. Ironically, one of the giveaways I won was hosted by a lovely lady living less than 20 minutes' drive from me! Small world, ay? :-)

The journal page above was accompanied by a generous donation to relief in Haiti in my name.

Thanks to all these ladies' generosity and tender hearts! I am so honored to receive your beautiful work and the things that make you come alive!

Coming soon to a mailbox near me... Part 2 of my OWOH winnings :-)


Atypical Girl said...

Very, very cool stuff. :)

Sunny Tuesday said...

I'm glad you got your package! I couldn't believe that out of all the places the participating bloggers were from, the one who won was in my own backyard!