Monday, February 15, 2010

OWOH Winners!

Thanks to all those who participated in my OWOH giveaway. I hope you enjoyed your ride!

Marilyn, The Lone Dollier, #1 (who knew?! 1 is a random number, too!) will receive the following music:
  • "Even Now" by United Pursuit Band
  • "Rise Up" by Jerry Wise
  • "Amy" by Seth Wood
  • "Autumn Days" by Elizabeth Seasons
  • "Hidden Key" by Michael Tyler
Sharon (#5), Michelle Cummings (#37), Gail's Card Cafe (#66), Sandi (#2) and Yvonne (#53) will also receive "Hidden Key" by Michael Tyler (because he messes with my molecules the most!) The following pic was nabbed from Michael Tyler's facebook fan page, revealing that he was on his way to the studio the day I saw him as I drove to work--HOORAY!

Looking forward to great things to come from Mr. Tyler and the other musicians. Please keep checking back with them and enjoy!


Marianne said...

Hi Miss Mary!
You are the winner of my set of 12 handmade gift cards! I tried to email you, but it wouldn't let me get there from your blogger page. So please send your address to my email-
Congratulations! I will get them sent off quickly and I hope that you enjoy them!

Sandi said...

Hi Miss Mary,
I am "sew happy" to be a winner. I sent you my reply this morning and am looking forward to the music by Michael Tyler. Many Thanks!

Sharon said...

Hey MissMary! Thank you again for the gift of music. I'm enjoying my Michael Tyler song and I'll be on the lookout for music by him in the future. Thanks for introducing me to a new artist.