Sunday, February 28, 2010

Repurposed Tee 2

Another Christian* tee rescued from a long, tiresome life gathering Goodwill's dust now an experimental slice-and-dice scarf! It used to read, "Stop, Drop, and Roll Doesn't Work in Hell!" Now it provides just enough pop to reference Hugo or Pamplona!

*Please understand that my delight in desecrating Christian tees is based in their tendency to present God as, at best, the Judge and at worst, the disappointed Father whose standards you can never meet. That sentiment is so anti-Jesus it makes me ill, it's so far from the Steve-Urkel-for-Laura-Winslow love He has for us. Please let me transform something that promotes lies about my Beloved and turn it into something to grace His beauty (me! Or you!) :-) Capiche?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mem-Hey Update

Quick plug for myself...

Just updated my other blog with pieces created for commission and gifts. You'll also find my completed interchangeable headband there!

OWOH Winnings, Part 1

This week and last I began receiving gifts won from the One World, One Heart giveaways. All told, I won five giveaways. Ironically, one of the giveaways I won was hosted by a lovely lady living less than 20 minutes' drive from me! Small world, ay? :-)

The journal page above was accompanied by a generous donation to relief in Haiti in my name.

Thanks to all these ladies' generosity and tender hearts! I am so honored to receive your beautiful work and the things that make you come alive!

Coming soon to a mailbox near me... Part 2 of my OWOH winnings :-)

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Good

Pieces I've been playing with now that I'm 97% settled from the move. Thank God for last week's snow days and peaceful afternoons! Thank God for $6 thrift store furniture and space to set up my sewing machine! Thank God for the ability to complete projects I've stashed for too many weeks! Thus...
interchangeable headband

t-shirt scarf

It's good to feel this beautiful on a gray Monday morning. Can you relate? :-)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Moving, Etc.

Just a few quick pics taken during yesterday's snow day (really? More?) I'm amazed at how quickly my cathedral window blocks are coming together. Just a few more before I start joining them into sets of three and five, then onto the main quilt they go! Meanwhile I am shredding t-shirts and making t-shirt yarn. Glory! :-)

In other news, a local thrift store yielded a very serviceable little worktable to set my sewing machine on! Bonus: it has three drawers! Extra bonus: it was $6! Now for the fun part... unpacking and organizing all... those... art... supplies... :-) At least the room is purpled (Behr's "Sweet Juliet", so peaceful and restoring and unexpectedly wonderful). Looking forward to many pieces coming into completion now that this move is under my belt. WAHOO!

Monday, February 15, 2010

OWOH Winners!

Thanks to all those who participated in my OWOH giveaway. I hope you enjoyed your ride!

Marilyn, The Lone Dollier, #1 (who knew?! 1 is a random number, too!) will receive the following music:
  • "Even Now" by United Pursuit Band
  • "Rise Up" by Jerry Wise
  • "Amy" by Seth Wood
  • "Autumn Days" by Elizabeth Seasons
  • "Hidden Key" by Michael Tyler
Sharon (#5), Michelle Cummings (#37), Gail's Card Cafe (#66), Sandi (#2) and Yvonne (#53) will also receive "Hidden Key" by Michael Tyler (because he messes with my molecules the most!) The following pic was nabbed from Michael Tyler's facebook fan page, revealing that he was on his way to the studio the day I saw him as I drove to work--HOORAY!

Looking forward to great things to come from Mr. Tyler and the other musicians. Please keep checking back with them and enjoy!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Moving Day!

I am moments away from my spectacular moving crew* showing up at my place! Most things are boxed, lots are already tucked away in the new digs... My life is full of art supplies. You know how we get... we forget we're stashing stuff and then we find all these treasures! Yippee! Today shall be grand. Looking forward to posting again when I've got some lovely splash of new pieces created in my new space.

In the meantime... OWOH ends TONIGHT! Whee! THAT has been a blast! And now... MORE BOXES!!! AND TRIPLE PUNCTUATION MARKS!!!

*consisting of Dad, Mom, Mr. Valentine, Mr. Elf, Mr. Liebling, and all their assorted trucks and SUVs :-)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Pink Stripes and Polka Dots Kind of Day

It's bound to be a good day when you're wearing a white skirt in winter, polka-dot tights and pink hoodie stripes. AND the day did not disappoint!

... So I'm driving to work this morning and looking down a side road when I see one of my most favorite musicians sitting at the stoplight. GLORY! And, thanks to the wonders of facebook fandom, I now know where he was going... drumroll, please... TO THE STUDIO!!! TO RECORD MORE MUSIC!!! HOORAY!!!

Meanwhile I have discovered that one of my roommates intended a pile of dogmatic Christian t-shirts for Goodwill. Thinking broadly, I rescued them from a long, sad life gathering dust on a thrift store hanger and began attacking them with my scissors a lá this book (thank you, dear brother, for your introduction that Christmas). I'm thinking something slim and stringy for summer, maybe even--gasp!--sexy? You know how we roll here... packing a trousseau and saving it for the honeymoon. :-)