Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year, New Job, New Possibilities!

This much newness only comes around once in a blue--well, you get the picture. Happy 2010! I feel remiss in not writing earlier. It has been an interesting New Year so far! Lots of things have been in the works, lots of changes are happening, and I am excited about life!

Just before the new year I had an opportunity to collaborate with two of my favorite artists on a stage design using batting, PVC pipe, spray paint and glitter for the above creation. Here we are worshipping our work...

...Okay, we weren't really worshipping it. But it was pretty spectac, especially when the lights managers got on board. Since I did help sew the batting around the frame, this is technically a sewing project. As the painter went around spraying the batting, I followed along barefoot with glitter. Glitter done, I popped my still-wet feet into my socks and like MAGIC glued them there! Huzzah! Final score: paint--1, Mary--0.

In other news, 1/3 of the artists in the above photograph has a birthday this week. I am hand-stitching a headband for her out of blue ticking and a "flower" copied off this adorable broach. Pics to follow, I hope!

Meanwhile I have just begun working at a Waldorf school! These places are fantastic! Unlike many other schools, Waldorf schools place emphasis on actually integrating art, music, motion and fine motor work into the curriculum. Children learn to knit, sew, embroider, weave, work in wood and clay. Such a creative atmosphere! And in the midst of that, I still have children curious about what I am doing in quilting. Have I found my niche? Quite hopefully so! I'll let you know as we keep going. Who knows--maybe a five-year-old can teach this crocheter how to knit? :-)

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