Sunday, January 10, 2010


My friend's birthday headband was so well-received that I told her I'd make two more. Hence:

Like the original, this one features a band of ticking and white elastic. Each mother of pearl button is backed by a circle of calico then mounted on an amorphous gray cotton backed with two layers of iron-on interfacing.

I love this one! The band is from a piece of denim leftover from a tablecloth, and the leaf is eight layers of calicoes stitched together to create veins. It is attached to the band by a set of stitches down the center length so the "veins" can be appreciated from the underside. Black elastic finished this band. The recipient's name and artist's initials are written in waterproof ink on the edge of the seventh layer.

Like the first, my friend LOVES these! I begged to borrow them so I could document them for my blog (thanks again, Photo Booth!), but she is eager to have them back in her trove. How affirming! It is so sweet having one's art appreciated like this!

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