Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hats Für Mich!

It's been years since I made a hat for myself. My first, dubbed my "Snowball Hat", started out as a brilliant sparkly white in Lion Brand Wool-Ease. That was [counting on fingers] at least four years ago. I'm not sure exactly. I'd made a duplicate for myself in a mushroomy woodsy brown, but it ended up being given away when a friend couldn't find an awesome-enough hat to hold his locks at the farmer's market... Long story... [moment of silence to enjoy the memory]

Well, sometime around the time I was crafting Ira's commission, I felt a great desire to craft a new hat for myself! Not a yarmulke, not a beanie, an actual adorable hat. And It Must Be RED! So off to JoAnn's I went and found the perfect shade of obnoxious red in a not-on-sale-so-I-can-still-use-my-coupon brand, a brand which just happened to provide its wares of Peruvian wool with a side of sauciness befitting such a project as mine.

Now, I'm honestly not trying to give you so many Photo Booth pictures, but the ones I took on my camera just were not flattering. Hence...

Are those discrepancies in the double crochet stitch? Nope. They're intentional "bubbles" of shells spaced haphazardly around the hat.

The rosette was a spur-of-the-moment addition, created without cutting the yarn and worked onto the brim. Unlike previous pieces, I chain stitched around the brim then went back through the chains a second time (is the technical term "double chain"? Who knows?! I just experiment...)

So there you have my new red hat--hooray!

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Shona Cole said...

that hat is super cool and cute