Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Does every post of mine begin with an exclamation? Please understand this is indicative of a delightful life and true joy as I write. :-)

Tonight's post is brought to you by a trip through my iPhoto library.

Here is my story: when I was making my first set of quilted coasters I decided I needed green buttons to anchor the centers (tufted quilt style). Alas, I had none, so I prayed and asked God for favor as I went button-shopping. Lo and behold, I found just what I needed... on clearance! Hooray! I was so stoked that I relayed my story to my best friend, and she was excited with me.

Next day, my friend comes over with several amorphous bags brimming with buttons! And not just any buttons, oh no. These are remnants of her grandmother's stash, her grandmother who was a tailor, her grandmother who saved buttons from the turn of the century. And here I was, thinking green buttons on clearance were such an answer to prayer, and then BOOM! God delivers infinitely more than I could have imagined!

These delightful trinkets have worked their way into so many projects, provided new closure for my Goodwill-of-Iowa trench coat, given me hours of pleasure pondering and discovering, etc. etc. May you live vicariously through my photos and take delight as I do! :-)

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Heckety said...

Wow! That is super amazing! Sigh...I just love buttons, always have, and I expect always will!