Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blame the Snow Day

Okay, I know I said I wouldn't... Well... I said I might have a hard time packing away these puppies instead of whipping them together... So... I finished my last pair of birds tonight. They are love birds!

And their presence on my stark project wall shows that I have indeed been "packing". See? Shadows demonstrate the void of nothingness left in the wake of boxing projects away.

What's with the keys, you ask? And what's with the yellow button? Hmm... for that I encourage you to investigate Michael Tyler and his lovely song "Hidden Key" to encounter the source of my inspiration! (You can also get the song on iTunes--I highly recommend it. I'd love to see how far this young man soars as his music career launches.)

Now, about this snow day. Here in the South schools routinely call off classes for expected snow, even when nothing is on the ground. Hence, this teacher's got herself a snow day with absolutely no precipitation in sight! We shall see what tomorrow brings, but until then, we celebrate! That you may share in my joy, I give you a few reference pics of my cathedral window quilt, taken many months apart. This is the grand project I'm working on while others slumber until after moving day.

Circa summer '09

Circa fall '09. My current goal is to complete at least this much before I marry. Having much hope but no tangible man in my life, I think my goal is feasible. :-)

And speaking of hope, I am moving to Hopedale! Here is a pic of what I hope to be my future studio space.

Enjoy your snow day!


Kate said...

Thanks for stopping by by blog! Your birds are adorable :)

sweetypie said...

thanks for visiting my blog you look interesting the cathedral window looks challenging good luck with the move i will keep in touch and follow you

lk moonwood said...

Your quilt is looking beautiful! May all your studio dreams come true!
: ) lulu

Heckety said...

Cathedral windows I find soooo fiddly, but I love looking at other people's! Good luck with the man-hunt!!!!!Here we call it 'trawling' (being a coastal and fishing port!)

MissMary said...

Ms. Heckety, there are sweet waters to trawl in my neck of the woods, it's just a matter of being that lovely shiny thing on the surface and waiting for the right one to take the risk of biting :-) Thanks for your encouragement!

Laurie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and entering my OWOH giveaway! I hope you will be back again, soon!

laurel said...

Love the colors and pattern! Can't wait to see it completed. Thanks for stopping by my blog.