Friday, December 18, 2009


In between attempting to finish my best friend's Christmas present and attending very fun holiday gatherings, planning a road trip, changing jobs, etc., I have been working on my first baby quilt! It is inspired by this quilt, except I am using greens, blacks and whites and hope to stagger the blacks and whites towards the bottom. That way, ideally, the quilt can be hung over my future child's crib so baby's eyes have hard, clean lines to focus on as they develop visual acuity. Hooray! Keep in mind that (a) I am not dating anyone, (b) I am not married, (c) I have no inclination to procreate outside of wedlock, and (d) I love my life and am anxious about nothing. Sometimes I feel like I could have done alright living a couple of generations ago. Had this been the case, Baby Quilt #1 could go into my hope chest.

Some photos of blocks in progress, arranged to show the range of prints. I especially love the dollar bills print snagged from a remnant bin. My children will be the wacky ones in class insisting that money really DOES grow on trees!

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Tess said...

I found the trees. My daughter is 28 years old and has kept a hope chest since the age of 16. She is married but no children yet. Get yourself a pretty wood chest and fill it with wonderful things. If you never use them yourself one day a niece or nephew will love them. That's my daughters philosophy. (She's already gifted several items from that chest to new babies in the family and an item became a wedding gift. See hope chests are not old fashioned after all.