Friday, December 4, 2009


Here are some photographs of the birds I've been working on. My favorite so far was the Button Bird, but that ended up being a spontaneous gift to my Uncle Bob at Thanksgiving. Lots of heart and love went into that bird, Uncle Bob! Keep her well! :-)

Four bluebirds representing the four members of my immediate family: Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister. These are a gift to my mother for Christmas! When my brother and I marry eventually, the family arrangement will change a bit, but four* now, here we are!

A matched set! These are my prophetic birds and their destinations and meanings shall be revealed in time. Meanwhile I love looking at them! Both unfinished birds have hand-dyed muslin elements and antique buttons.

Someone I know and love told me his favorite bird was a red-winged blackbird. He has such a big heart! This bird has heart-shaped wingtips and heart-shaped breastplate appliqued on after the bird was stuffed. Beads came from my bead box to create the hook.

Three jingle birds for the three girls I nanny. I have been teaching the older two (ages five and seven) how to sew. They fell in love with scraps of the brown fabric. I think these will be sweet Christmas ornaments, especially since they are immune to the effects of trees falling over!

My board! A length of muslin tacked to my wall with a clothesline running over it and quilting pins to tack up my favorite projects! I love to look at it.

Only four more birds to go! Up next... TREES! ;-)


bobhaub said...

I love seeing your birds and other artwork. Button Bird is well cared for, but like us, is struggling to stay warm.
Uncle Bob

Tess said...

I love your little birdies. I've enjoyed browsing your blogs. Thanks for stopping by mine and entering my gieveaway. Pleased to meet you. I have an Uncle Bob too, love him dearly.
Did you ever make the trees?
Teresa aka Tess