Saturday, November 7, 2009


I made a set of purple quilted coasters and didn't really know who they were for. I mused and tried to get an impression, but the details were fuzzy. So I went over to visit my best friend who just moved in with two other girls. I sometimes associate my best friend with purple, so I had my feelers up. When one of the new housemates sat beside me, I followed an instinct. "Does purple mean anything to you?" I asked. "Yes," she replied in a voice thick with undertones, her eyes sparkling. "Okay, that's all I need to know," I said. "Why?" she asked. "Um... God is talking. I have something for you. Later." "Okay! Moving on..." For the record, I love how she responded there. We work with the assumption that God is very talkative and it's no big deal that He interrupts conversations with His great ideas.

Here is a photograph of that great idea. I am not sure what it will all mean to my friend but I look forward to her response!

Now for an original limerick inspired by today!

Mysterious maker am I
I make things but do not know why
'Til a word heard in whisper
Says "Give to your sister"
Then I see its a piece of her pie

In other news, I agreed to make a set of coasters for my grandmother for Christmas. I was already heading to the fabric store to get some blue* calico for my brother's present (an abstract appliqued/embroidered toss pillow cover, selected because of the cross-country plane ride it must endure) and found fantastic matching prints in brown, cream, orange and olive, blocked batik-inspired and perfect for my globetrotting grandparents. That makes my projects-in-motion list as follows, in order of most pressing:

  • Grandmother's quilted coasters
  • Brother's appliqued/embroidered pillowcase
  • Mr. B's coasters
  • Children's artwork embroidered wall hanging
  • Top Secret Present for my best friend
  • Gray Crocheted Gift for my other awesome friend
  • Cathedral Window quilt
There's always more, there's always time for more. I love what I do, I love my life... we shall see what happens next.


Mysterious Maker

*I love the Holy Spirit. He is super-creative and knowing Him takes my art in a lot of different directions. I felt the distinct impression I needed blue for my brother's present, and the blue would be shaped in circles, so that's what we looked for! Holy Spirit was a great shopping buddy today!

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