Friday, November 13, 2009


Just wanted to post a few pics of the coasters I finished recently. One set is for Mr. B. and the other is for the globe-trotting grandparents. Enjoy!

The tag was made from tea-dyed muslin backed with iron-on interfacing.

I basted the brown ovals and ironed them, then used the same quilting stitches to applique them so that all visible stitches run through all layers. Each coaster is backed in the complimentary fabric to the front.

Backs of Mr. B.'s coasters, quilted haphazardly.

Front of Mr. B.'s coasters. These were created by making one large crazy block, slicing it with a rotary cutter and reassembling the pieces. Then four squares of interfacing were applied to the backs, and excess cloth was trimmed. I appliqued the hearts with raw and slightly frayed edges.

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